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How can I run my code?

One of the difficult things about learning to code is figuring out how to run your code; when you’re able to connect what you’re writing to what it produces (or doesn’t produce), it can go a long way toward making many programming concepts click a lot sooner. This page lists tools that I find super helpful.


This programming editor makes it quick and easy to write and run code in a lot of different languages (which is especially helpful when you’re learning something new, or when you need to demo some small piece of code). It’s very customizable, and it’s a single button click to add arguments, compile flags, and program input. CodeRunner is only about $15, and I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth over the years I’ve been using it. Try it or buy it at coderunnerapp.com.


I was watching the Flutter presentation video from I/O 17 and thought it was pretty awesome, so I resolved to learn Dart (a very Java-like language used to make apps in Flutter). Google has a really great From Java to Dart tutorial, and they also have a web-based editor named DartPad for you to experiment with as you learn the language. For larger projects, the recommended editor is IntelliJ, which has a Dart plugin (note: you must install the plugin to create Dart projects).