About Me

Hi, I’m Allison Phillips, and I’ve loved understanding and fixing things for as long as I can remember (and, certainly, far before I ever learned that the word for it was “engineer”). I spent years working in technical, administrative, and managerial roles (mostly with Apple) to support myself while I pursued a degree in Computer Science at the University at Buffalo in New York. During and after school, I interned as a technical writer and Java web application engineer before accepting a role created for me at HackerRank, where I worked extensively to grow, shape, and support their community, wrote myriad programming tutorials and articles, and set new standards and tone for all of their content (please note that I am no longer willing to participate in their community and will not answer questions about it, but am happy to check out any cool communities anyone wants to throw my way). I’m passionate about many things, such as learning, cooking, baking, nutrition, social issues, breaking complicated problems into easily-understandable structured components, and learning how to write better code.

This is a place where I’ll post pretty much anything I feel like writing about. At the moment, it’ll likely mostly be notes and things relevant to interview prep. Content is definitely a bit sparse, as I’m working on a lot of things. Stay tuned.

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